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Safety Edge/Edge Controller


Safety sensors to detect contacts by mounting to moving parts of hazards

Extensive Lineup

We have prepared a lineup, tailor-made to fit with your devices and applications.

Sensor length
150 to 6,100 mm (in 50 mm increments)
34 to 80 mm in five series

SGE / SCC Features 2

Easy to Order & Assembly Free

By covering just 4 points, a ready-to-use Safety Edge will be delivered to you:


Select a shape from five series as required in your application or equipment

SGE / SCC Features 4


Select wiring from four types (2-wire/connector (male/female) cable, terminating resistor) and cable length 100 mm or any length from 500 mm to 10,000 mm with increments of 500 mm for both ends of the Safety Edge.


Select any length from 150 mm to 6,100 mm with increments of 50 mm.

SGE / SCC Features 6

Mounting base

An L-shaped mounting base is also provided depending on the mounting location (except the SGE-125 series)

SGE / SCC Features 7 SGE/SCC_Features5

Note: For details, refer to "Model Number Structure" on Catalog.

SCC Edge Controller

Dedicated SCC Edge Controller that regulates a system conforming to Safety Category 3.

SGE / SCC Features 10

Dedicated SCC Edge Controller enables establishment of a safety system conforming to PLd/Safety Category 3
(when hazards are directly blocked by built-in relays)
Any short-circuits or breaks in the system are monitored and its status is indicated with LED.
Authentificated under major safety standards

SGE / SCC Features 11
SGE / SCC Features 12

Note: For details on LED indicators, refer to "Connection" on Catalog.