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Motion control units


High-precision, motion controller with multitasking G-language programming


Model CS1W-MC421-V1 CS1W-MC221-V1
Classification CS1 Special I/O unit
Control method Closed loop with automatic trapezoid or S-curve acceleration/deceleration
Control output signals Analog
Internal programming language G language (program started by command sent from CPU unit’s ladder program.)
Controlled axes 4 axes max. 2 axes max.
Maximum position value -39,999,999 to 39,999,999 (for minimum setting unit of 1)
Synchronous axis control 4 axes max. 2 axes max.
Positioning Linear interpolation 4 axes max. 2 axes max.
Arc interpolation 2 axes max. in a plane
Helical interpolation 2-axis arc interpolation in a plane + feed axis ---
Traverse 2-axis traverse feeding
Infinite feed Infinite feeding of one or more axes
Interrupt feed Interrupt feeding for specified axes
(positioning can be specified for when there is no interrupt.)
Number of tasks 4 tasks max. 2 tasks max.
Number of programs 25 programs when using 4 tasks 50 programs when using 2 tasks
Program capacity 500 blocks per task when using 4 tasks 1,000 blocks per task when using 2 tasks

CX-Motion: Windows-based support software

Model WS02-MCTC1-EV[]
Supported MC units CS1W-MC221/421, C200H-MC221, and CV500-MC221/421
Applicable computer DOS, OS: Windows 95/98 or Windows NT Version 4.0
Functions Functions required for MC unit control: creating/editing/saving/printing system parameters,
positioning data, and MC programs; monitoring MC unit operation