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Mechanical Touch Switch


Detects Objects in Multiple Directions with High Sensitivity, Ideal for Robotics

List of Models

Type M5 M8 M10
Actuator Cable length (m) Model Model
Hemispheric actuator
1 D5B-5011 D5B-8011 D5B-1011
3 D5B-5013 D5B-8013 D5B-1013
5 D5B-5015 D5B-8015 D5B-1015
Cone-shaped actuator
1 D5B-5021 D5B-8021 D5B-1021
3 D5B-5023 D5B-8023 D5B-1023
5 D5B-5025 D5B-8025 D5B-1025
Wobble stick actuator
Short spring 1 D5B-5511 D5B-8511 D5B-1511
3 D5B-5513 D5B-8513 D5B-1513
5 D5B-5515 D5B-8515 D5B-1515
Long spring 1 --- --- D5B-1531
3 D5B-1533
5 D5B-1535