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Uninterruptible Power Supply (UPS)


Compact UPS best suited for prevention of voltage drop/power failure in industrial-purpose computers (IPC)/controllers. This UPS adopts a lithium-ion battery and DIN rails can be attached to it.

Main body

S8BA-24D24D120LF (120 W)

S8BA Dimensions 2

S8BA-24D24D240LF (240 W)

S8BA Dimensions 3

S8BA-24D24D360LF (360 W)
S8BA-24D24D480LF (480 W)

S8BA Dimensions 4

DIN Rail (Order Separately)

Mounting Rail (Material: Aluminum)


S8BA Dimensions 7


S8BA Dimensions 8

End Plate


S8BA Dimensions 10

Note: 1. If there is a possibility that the Unit will be subject to vibration or shock, use a steel DIN Rail. Otherwise, metallic
              filings may result from aluminum abrasion.
           2. If the Unit may be subjected to sliding to either side, attach an End Plate (model PFP-M) on each side of the Unit.