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Uninterruptible Power Supply (UPS)


Compact UPS best suited for prevention of voltage drop/power failure in industrial-purpose computers (IPC)/controllers. This UPS adopts a lithium-ion battery and DIN rails can be attached to it.

Note: For details on normal stock models, contact your nearest OMRON representative.

Main body

Uninterruptible Power Supply (UPS)

Input voltage Output voltage Output current/capacity Model number
24 VDC 24 VDC 5 A/120 W S8BA-24D24D120LF
10 A/240 W S8BA-24D24D240LF
15 A/360 W S8BA-24D24D360LF
20 A/480 W * S8BA-24D24D480LF

* 16.7 A/400 W for use as a UL compliant device.

Communication cable

Specifications Type Length Model number
For RS-232C port RJ45/Dsub9Pin 2 m S8BW-C01
For CONTACT port RJ45/Discrete wire S8BW-C02

Replacement battery pack

Rated voltage Rated capacity Weight Model number UPS Model: Required units
14.4 VDC 1600 mAh 0.3 kg S8BA-B120L S8BA-24D24D120LF: 1 pcs
S8BA-24D24D240LF: 2 pcs
S8BA-24D24D360LF: 3 pcs
S8BA-24D24D480LF: 4 pcs