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Automation Centre (ATC)

“You create a concept and we will help you make it work”

We have a state of the art Automation Centre (ATC) in Mumbai, for our customers based out of India. In line with the other ATC’s which are in Japan, Europe, America & China and with the Mission “You create a concept and we will help you make it work”, the ATC aims to showcase our expertise in the Industrial Automation technology so that the customers are able to test their new ideas, experience and understand how they can bring more improvements in their current manufacturing setup and thus become more competitive in their respective fields in the industrial automation domain.

What is ATC?

It is a place where our customers can try out applications and test new ideas, interacting and working alongside our Application engineers and benefit from their expertise and inputs. Here we provide training on latest technologies and software with our field specialists, who help you optimize the utilization of our massive investment in research and development.

The ATC Advantage for our customers:

- State-of-the-art facility along with technical expertise to develop and test new ideas, to optimize the existing manufacturing or processing setup.
- The highly accurate, user friendly and simplistic Sysmac Automation Platform.
- Enhance the machine performance to meet their end to end expectations.
- Access to the latest technology based high speed, high accuracy and integrated solution approach through the different functions.

The Sysmac Live Experience:

Sysmac Automation Platform is based on high accuracy solution by 3 “One’s” namely
- One Machine Controller
- One Machine Network
- One Software

The Automation Center is consisting of the following areas:

Machine Area & Robotics Solutions:

This area has Exhibit model machines & latest technology Robots like the Delta and SCARA with which simulation and testing (product engineering) can be carried out.


- Any concept/idea of the customers can be simulated here and ultimately can be implemented in their premises.
- Improvement aspects like productivity, speed, accuracy, quality along with reduced rejections and development time.

Tsunagi Laboratory:

It is a one of its kind laboratory that enables connectivity and synchronization between industrial devices of different manufacturers and Sysmac products. Global Tsunagi Team is working constantly for different network integrations for customers’ machines.


- Ensures reduced commissioning time also avoiding the need to refer thick manuals.
- Enables the ease in communication and reduction in the down time.
- Enables introduction of easy network connectivity to enhance machine performance.

Vision Laboratory:

The Vision Lab provides “Proof Of Concept” through the best quality inspections ultimately ensuing the optimum solutions to our customers.


- Enables faster execution of projects due to pre-inspected application solutions.
- Enables R&D of the project at our end so that the project can be seamlessly executed at the customer’s end.

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