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What's e-Learning Courses with Omron's Factory-Automation Devices?

It's a place of education where you can learn online about Omron's various factory-automation devices. Access these e-Learning courses and study at any time anywhere, about the devices you want to know and how to use it in your application.

Features of e-Learning Courses with Omron's Factory-Automation Devices

Improving your knowledge - Anytime, Anywhere

Online training materials allow you to study in your workplace or at home, at your own pace regardless of time and place.

Technology introduction to applications of control devices

You not only learn how to use Omron's various control devices here; We also have introductory courses on general control devices and basic courses that explain their different mechanisms and uses in various applications.

These courses are most suitable for training of new employees and engineers who work on automation for the first time or at relevant schools.

Assessment questions to check your understanding

In all the courses, review questions are available at the end of each chapter and post assessment questions at the end of the course to grasp your understanding.

Various-Language Editions

Courses are provided in eight different languages editions. These are ideal for training of employees in their preferable native language.

Available Languages
(Japanese, English, Vietnamese, Thai, Indonesian, Portuguese, Spanish, and French)

* Other languages such as Korean, Chinese, Italian, German, Russian and Turkish will also be available soon.

Course Examples

The courses are interactive with videos, animations and simulation, which give you better understanding and fun while learning.

Virtual tour of factory automation from "Introduction to FA"

Practice with the E3X Simulator, Basic Setup Demonstration in "Fiber Optic Sensors"

Basic principles of control in "Temperature Controllers"


Courses Available



Introduction to FA

This is a course for those who use control devices for the first time. You will learn about various kinds of control devices and their roles.

General Purpose Relays

It explains relays' function and structure. You will also learn important points of usage, such as causes of wear in contacts.

Photoelectric Sensors

You will learn photoelectric sensors' mechanism and difference between various modes with examples of use.

Proximity Sensors

You will learn principles of detection in proximity sensors and difference between the shield type and non-shield type.

Fiber Optic Sensors

You will learn terms related to fiber-optic sensors in addition to multiple kinds of amplifiers and fibers.

Power Supplies

You will learn principles and characteristics of power supplies so that you understand the uses on actual sites of factory automation.

Temperature Controllers

Through learning basic terms related to temperature controllers, you will learn their function, various methods of control and features each.

PLC Basics

You will understand the uses, mechanism and basic structure of programmable logic controllers.

AC Drives Basics

Basic terms related to inverters and examples of their use are provided.

Basic Motion Control

Basic terms related to motion control are provided so that you will learn about the devices to configure it and examples of its use.

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