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In the liquid crystal masking process, the positioning accuracy of the glass substrate directly influences the product quality. The PLC settings for communication with vision sensor and motion control programming to calculate the position coordinate on the stage are complicated.

EtherCAT Solution: By connecting the PLC and vision sensors via EtherCAT, the communication settings are simplified. The vision sensor can handle the calculation of moving distance on the stage, thus reducing the programming work for PLC.

The EtherCAT enables reduction of time taken for communication between the vision sensor and PLC. The Servo Drives with EtherCAT communications improve the takt time of position control by reducing the time required for executing startup - movement - stopping operation.
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FPD Liquid Crystal Masking System via EtherCAT


By connecting the Vision Sensors, PLC and Servo Drives under one EtherCAT network, a high-precision and high-speed glass substrate alignment system is achieved. Additionally, system designing work is largely reduced.


• Increase productivity.
• Reduce ladder design work.

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