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This section is intended to assist you to make quick and easy search for the appropriate applications for your industrial needs. Simply select the categories of your requirements and our 'Application Selector' will direct you to the applications that you need!

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  Non-stop Detection in Electromagnetic Environment
E3FA/RA/FB/RB Photoelectric Sensor
  Non-stop Detection in Wet Environment
E3FA/RA/FB/RB Photoelectric Sensor
  Long-distance Detection for Large Workpieces
E3X-HD Smart Fiber Sensor
  Detection in Oily Environments
E3X-HD Smart Fiber Sensor
  Paper or Cardboard Detection
FQ-CR Code Reader
  Medical Pack Detection
FQ-CR Code Reader
  Inspection for Missing Resistors on Tape Carriers
E3C-LD11 + E3C-LDA Photoelectric Sensor with Separate Amplifier
  Liquid Level Detection on a Pure Water Supply Tube
E32-A01 + E3X-HD Fiber Unit for Liquid Level Detection
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