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This section is intended to assist you to make quick and easy search for the appropriate applications for your industrial needs. Simply select the categories of your requirements and our 'Application Selector' will direct you to the applications that you need!

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  Stably Detect Blurred Printed Character on Cardboard
ZFV-C Series Smart Sensors with Ultra-High-Speed CCD Cameras
  Detects the Edge of Non-woven Fabrics
E3Z-LS63/83 Distance-Settable Photoelectric Sensor
  Measures the Thickness of Automotive Components
ZX-T Smart Sensor (High-Precision Contact Type)
  Detect Hot-melt Adhesive Coating with Area Sensing Fiber Unit
E32-T16PR + E3X-HD Area-detecting Fiber Unit/Digital Fiber Sensor (Twin Output Type)
  Precisely Detects Adhesive Presence and Consumption
ZX-GT Smart Sensor (Wide Laser Beam CCD Measurement Type)
  Measures the Distance to the Workpiece on Both X and Y Axes
ZX-L-N Series Smart Sensor (Laser Displacement Type)
  Detects Right/Left Uniformity of Paper Thickness
ZX-L-N Series Smart Sensor (Laser Displacement Type)
  Measures Bearing Thickness with 0.5-µm Accuracy
ZX-E Series Smart Sensor (Inductive Displacement Type)
  Detects PCB Warping with a Single Measurement
ZG 2D Profile Measuring Sensors
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