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In the control system for an oven furnace where the speed control of taking in/out the workpieces and their feeding speed directly influence the product quality, the PLCs and multiple servo drives, inverters and remote I/Os are all connected in different networks. It makes it confusing to select components, since wiring and installation method are different in each network.

EtherCAT Solution: To connect the PLCs, Servo Drives and Inverters with EtherCAT, only one Ethernet cable is required for detection of the workpiece, shatter control to take in/out the workpiece and conveyer speed control. Wiring can be carried out with simple construction directions.

When a workpiece type is changed, the command speed settings of the inverter can be rewritten through EtherCAT. It reduces the time required for changing the settings.
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High-speed Control of Oven Furnace via EtherCAT


EtherCAT network covers the Servo Drives, Inverters, and Remote I/O Terminals. The assembly and wiring time is shortened and user can improve the system productivity through the operation.


• Reduces design, setup and startup work-hours.
• Contributes to higher productivity and quality.

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