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Mount an ID Tag (Data Carrier) to the magazine rack, use it to store the PCB data (lot number, model number, board size, number of boards, etc.), then switch processes during mounting based on the ID Tag data.

When mounting is finished, write completion data and mounted PCB data to the magazine rack ID Tag.

Also write the result (OK/NG) of the inspection process to the ID Tag, and feed NG products back to the repair line.
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ID Tags are mounted to magazine racks, and PCB information (lot number, model number, board size, number of boards, etc.) is written to the ID Tags. This enables automated process switching. The results of inspection processes can also be written to the ID Tags and managed, simplifying the feedback of information for product history control or repairs.


• Mistakes are eliminated in process switches during mounting, quality is improved, and costs are lowered.
• Mounting history data can also be automatically collected, making it possible to prevent human-error mistakes and lower personnel costs.
• Batch control (magazine rack control) is possible for PCBs, which is conventionally difficult to achieve.
• The magazine rack is equipped with an urgent flag, which allows a more flexible response to production that does not rely on the host PC. This also allows greater flexibility in responding to customer needs (such as diversification, shortening deadlines, etc.).

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