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The ZEN can be used to operate circulation fans only at night (e.g.,19:00 to 6:00) during winter (e.g., November 15 to March 30). During operating times, the fans operate intermittently, 60 minutes ON and 30 minutes OFF. The fans start up 30-s apart to keep the startup current down.
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Greenhouse Air Circulator Control (1)


Intermittent operation of circulation fans on winter nights, using Weekly Timer and Calendar Timer. You set the start and stop days during winter (e.g., November 15 to March 30) using the calendar timer (*0). You set the start and stop times during the night (e.g., 19:00 to 6:00) using the weekly timer (@0). You set the staggered startup time and run/stop cycles using timers (T0 to T2).


It is possible to automatically control the calendar timer and the weekly timer with a ZEN alone. Because individual wiring is not necessary, you can reduce the wiring time greatly.

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