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Application Solutions

Omron provides innovative solutions for various industries.

You may select the applications that you are looking for by industry, work and process or product category. And with the Application Selector, you can define your search further by simply selecting the requirements that fit your needs.

You can also look for application solutions by entering your keywords in the search box below.

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10 Pickup Applications

  Data Collection in Semiconductor Manufacturing Equipment and Facilities
CJ1W-SPU01-V2/CS1W-SPU0_-V2 Storage and Processing Unit
  Detect Presence of Different Adhesive Labels
ZFX-CD Vision Sensors with Code Reading Function
  Checks Disc Motor Tables for Surface Movement
ZX-L-N Series Smart Sensor (Laser Displacement Type)
  Detects Cream Filling
ES1 Infrared Thermosensor
  Detecting Transparent Bottles
E3FA/RA/FB/RB Photoelectric Sensor
  PCB Batch Control
V680 Series RFID System
  Prevents Danger From Being Trapped Inside An Enclosure
D4JL + D4JL-SK40 Guard Lock Safety-Door Switch
  Non-stop Detection in Wet Environment
E3FA/RA/FB/RB Photoelectric Sensor
  Detect Metal Cassettes in Medical Fluid Tank
E2FQ Inductive Proximity Sensor
  Inspects Overlapped Pouch Sack
E3X-DA-S Digital Fiber Amplifier