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Application Solutions

Omron provides innovative solutions for various industries.

You may select the applications that you are looking for by industry, work and process or product category. And with the Application Selector, you can define your search further by simply selecting the requirements that fit your needs.

You can also look for application solutions by entering your keywords in the search box below.

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10 Pickup Applications

  Small-spot Fiber Precisely Detects Minute Chips
E32-C42 + E39-F3A Fiber Unit/Lens Unit
  Heat Emission Control in Processing Equipment
ZN-THX21-S Thermo-Humidity Station
  Medical Pack Detection
FQ-CR Code Reader
  Detects Protrusion of Large Cargo with a 60-m Sensing Distance
E3Z-LT61/66 Laser Photoelectric Sensor with Built-in Amplifier
  PET Bottle Detection
FQ-CR Code Reader
  Detects Presence and Position of Sealing Tape on Individual Packaging Boxes
ZFV-C Series Smart Sensors with Ultra-High-Speed CCD Cameras
  Detect Wafers in Vacuum Conveyor System
E32-V Vacuum Sensor
  Precisely Detect Mold Mating
E2C-EM02H + E2C-EDA High-Resolution Digital Proximity Sensor (Separate Amplifier Type)