Technology helps machine builders offer improved availability

The ongoing pursuit of ever better OEE scores has become a real focus for end users in the food and beverage industry in recent years. OEE itself, however, is not a conversation end users routinely have with their machinery suppliers, with the focus instead tending to be on areas such as baseline speed, cycle times and overall performance.

However, if machine builders can bear OEE in mind during machine design, and subsequently demonstrate how their machine designs can contribute to improved OEE results, then they can give themselves a significant competitive advantage.

One area where machine builders can really impact on OEE for the end user is in machine availability. For example, inbuilt diagnostics and monitoring algorithms can highlight developing problems before they become critical, enabling users to take preventative action during scheduled maintenance periods. These are systems that machine builders can easily build in as part of the machine design – without incurring additional costs. Download the full article to understand which systems we are referring to.