Traceability through serialisation

The demand for greater traceability – to reduce counterfeiting and improve consumer information – presents growing challenges for manufacturers. How can serialisation help? In ‘Traceability through serialisation’ Dan Rossek focuses on what serialisation means today and shows why the flexible layer solution is better than the, seemingly easier, end-to-end solution.

As pressures increase in industries such as food and drink, cosmetics and pharmaceuticals to reduce counterfeiting and improve consumer information, Dan Rossek of Omron looks at the demands this places on data management and production processes, and compares the two main approaches to tackling these demands.

With counterfeiting of popular drugs and cosmetics now becoming a real issue, and after a number of high profile food and beverage industry product recalls, companies across these sectors are coming under increasing pressures to provide improved consumer information and to implement improved inspection systems for product traceability.

“Changes to packaging designs and additional inspection tasks, the maintenance, training and documentation demand for multiple and different inspection systems in a production line is expected to be a very challenging task.” Dan Rossek, Marketing Manager.

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