Quality Machines

The key to having a peace of mind from costly downtime, troubleshooting and potential wastage due to product defects is to focus on machine reliability. Quality packaging machines should be capable of achieving the following:

  • Filling accuracy
  • Sealing accuracy
  • Cutting accuracy

How We Achieve Filling, Sealing,
And Cutting Accuracy

3-axis Synchronised Control

As an established partner in all packaging automation requirements, our Packaging Machine Control Solutions utilise advanced electronic cam technology to optimise packaging speed and precision. The axes for film feeding, product feeding, and rotary knife are synchronized at high speed to ensure that each package is properly fed with the product and perfectly sealed.

Sealing & Cutting Accuracy

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How We Achieve Smooth Production
and Packaging Consistency

Reduced Defective Packaging with Temperature Control

Once a heater burnout is detected, the packaging operation stops, which prevents defective packaging that may be produced during a decrease in heater temperature.

Stable Detection of Color Marks on Packaging Materials

OMRON Color Mark Photoelectric Sensor stably detects color marks on both glossy and colorful materials. This prevents packaging failures caused by false detection.

With high precise detection on any packaging materials, the material can be cut at the exact placement, thus producing consistent packaging sizes.

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