Innovation In
Control Panel Solutions

Revolutionalise The Way You Work

Control Panels are the heart of manufacturing site. Learn how you can increase operational efficiency and experience cost savings with OMRON’s New Value in Panel Solutions.

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Increase Panel
System Reliability

With Better Heat Dissipation

Maintenance-friendly control panel design is required for smooth operations. Explore how OMRON's New Value Panel Solutions improve reliability of your control panel system.

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Maintenance Made Easy

With OMRON's Push-In Terminal Block

Reduce wiring time by up to 60% with OMRON's Push-In Terminal Block Relay Series. Find out how you can ease your maintenance process and increase productivity at work.

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Panel Assist Web

Accelerate Your Design Process

Our new web service reduces work in selecting panel components and designing, with up to 50% time savings. Discover how you can expedite your process with intelligent modelling today.

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