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CompoBus/S slave units. Available with screw terminal blocks, sensor connectors, MIL connectors, water-resistant connectors, and more.

Slaves List

There are 12 products of Slaves.

CPM2C-SRT21 I/O Link Unit CPM2C-SRT21

I/O Link Unit for CPM2C

CPM1A-SRT21 I/O Link Unit CPM1A-SRT21

I/O Link Unit for CPM2A/CPM1A

SRT2-ID / OD(-1) Transistor Remote I/O Terminals SRT2-ID / OD(-1)

Long-distance Communications Supported by SRT2 Models (Long-distance/High-speed Communications Selection)

SRT2-[]D16T(-1) Transistor Remote I/O Terminals with 3-tier Terminal Block SRT2-[]D16T(-1)

Models with 3-tier Terminals (16 Points) Added to the Remote I/O Terminal Series. Six Models are Available Depending on the NPN or PNP Configuration, Input Points, I/O Points, or Output Points.

SRT2-R Relay-mounted Remote I/O Terminals SRT2-R

Ultra-miniature 8-point and 16-point Relay-mounted Terminals

SRT2-[]D32ML(-1) Transistor Remote I/O Terminals with Connectors (32 Points) SRT2-[]D32ML(-1)

Subminiature 32-point Remote Terminal with Connectors

SRT2-VID / VOD(-1) Transistor Remote I/O Terminals with Connectors (8/16 Points) SRT2-VID / VOD(-1)

Compact Remote I/O Terminals that Save Wiring Effort and Enable Long-distance Communications

SRT2-[]D0[]CL(-1) Waterproof Terminals SRT2-[]D0[]CL(-1)

Eight Waterproof Terminal Models Emphasizing Cost Efficiency

SRT2-[]D08S Sensor Terminals SRT2-[]D08S

Connector Connection Models that Allows Easy Connection to Sensors and Output Devices

SRT2-AD04 Analog Input Terminal SRT2-AD04

Compact Analog Input Model is the Same Shape as 16-point Remote I/O Terminals

SRT2-DA02 Analog Output Terminal SRT2-DA02

Compact Analog Output Model is the Same Shape as 16-point Remote I/O Terminals

SRT2-ID16P / OD16P Remote I/O Modules SRT2-ID16P / OD16P

Module Type that Allows PCB Mounting