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SRT2-VID / VOD(-1)

Transistor Remote I/O Terminals with Connectors (8/16 Points)

SRT2-VID / VOD(-1)

Compact Remote I/O Terminals that Save Wiring Effort and Enable Long-distance Communications

• Long-distance or high-speed communications mode is selectable.

• Incorporates I/O connectors making it possible to minimize the size.

• I/O connectors save wiring effort.

• Flexible DIN track mounting is possible through a DIN track attachment.

• Eight-point sensor connector models and 16-point MIL connector models are the same size.

Vertical or horizontal DIN track mounting according to the available space is possible.
Saves space and easily connects to other devices without wiring effort.

SRT2-VID / VOD(-1) Features 2