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Industrial Automation

Industrial Automation


NJ-series NJ Robotics CPU Units


New controller that covers functions and high-speed processing required for machine control and safety, reliability and maintainability that are the features of industrial controllers provides robot control function. In addition to robot control, general motion control with up to 64 axes can be also performed.

Robot control technology adds flexibility to manufacturing processes: reconfigurable machines and quick changeovers

Increase control speed and precision

  • One machine control to ensure high precision synchronization between conveyor and robot
  • High-speed control, from sensor inputs to robot control
  • Control of even manipulators synchronized with robot motion via EtherCAT

Reduce development time

  • One language used for programming, from sequence control to robot control
  • One software Sysmac Studio to start devices including vision sensors and robots
  • Standard IEC 61131-3 based instructions for motion and robot control
  • Codes used during integrated simulation can be reused for the real machine
  • Easy conveyor tracking by using parallel/Cartesian/SCARA robots

Minimize footprint and maximize efficiency

  • One controller to control up to 8* parallel, Cartesian, and serial robots in total
  • One network EtherCAT to connect all machine network devices
  • One controller system to improve maintenance efficiency
* The number of controlled robots varies according to the number of axes used for the system.

The NJ Robotics controller integrates machine control and robot control, bringing new flexibility to build machines

NJ Robotics controller at the heart of the system

  • One controller can connect up to 64 axes including robots
  • The control system integrates vision sensors, I/O, safety controllers, and robots within one EtherCAT network
  • The database connection model can upload system information to host

Scalable and easy programming of any type of robots

When building conveyor tracking applications, you can program Pick & Place control systems by using the same program structure in the same programming manner regardless of the robot type: parallel, Cartesian , or SCARA robot.

NJ501-4[][][] Features 7
NJ501-4[][][] Features 8

Efficient preliminary verification with integrated simulation

You can perform integrated simulations linked to motion control for robots and inspection and measurement by vision systems.
The virtual environment allows to visualize the machine motion.
The simulation of the synchronization between robots makes complex operation verification easy.

NJ501-4[][][] Features 9

[NEW] Integrated simulation*

Machine movement can be simulated based on measurement results of vision systems.

NJ501-4[][][] Features 11

* Only Delta3 and Delta3R robots can be used for integrated simulation.

Multi-axis setup and tuning

[NEW] Multi - drive window

Adjusting, monitoring parameters of the robot’s drives is done easily in a single view.

NJ501-4[][][] Features 13

[NEW] Multi axis tuning wizard

Several 1S servo drives can be tuned simultaneously in a short amount of time.

NJ501-4[][][] Features 14

Build a vision-guided robots in 5 steps

Since the beginning, our main goal for this new development was very clear: Making Pick & Place machine programming easier.

Far from the old and rigid top-down programming manner our solution is based on Wizards that guide the user through the main steps using a graphical interface to operate with an unique software tool capable to manage Robotics and Vision seamlessly at the same time.

Virtualize your Pick & Place machine into the integrated 3D Simulator and make it Real in 5 simple steps, guided by intuitive wizards.

NJ501-4[][][] Features 17

Image capturing
• The first step is to take the pictures of the products to handle. Yes just as easy as it sounds!
• The wide portfolio of our FH cameras allows to optimize your choice.

NJ501-4[][][] Features 18

[Patented] Import the pictures into Sysmac Studio wizard
• Using the Sysmac Studio wizard you can define the layout of the Pick & Place machine, selecting how many robots and conveyors you have and choose between the most typical layout templates.

NJ501-4[][][] Features 19

[Patented] 3D Simulation
• Sysmac Studio generates the 3D simulation environment according to the parameters defined in the previous steps.
• The integrated graphical environment enables visualizing the Pick & Place machine and the Vision simulation at the same time.
• Moreover, the images captured in the Step 1 are automatically converted into the corresponding virtual products that run over the picking conveyor.

NJ501-4[][][] Features 20

Reuse of codes
• The 3D simulation is very reliable since it is based on the real system cores so you can reuse the whole programming to control the real machine by significantly shortening the commissioning time.

NJ501-4[][][] Features 21

[Patent Pending] Easy tuning on site P&P and FH Vision
• The finalization of your project is guided by a Vision system wizard that calibrates the Virtual machine against the Real machine.
• It take just few minutes to place a matrix calibration sheet into the machine and follow the wizard that will align the robots and the vision systems to minimize any kind of measurement error.

Benefits include time optimization and reduction for the complete project

NJ501-4[][][] Features 22

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