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Industrial Automation

How to Detect the State of the Safe Off Circuit?

Know the root cause of the shut down quickly and efficiently.

Most parents get to experience the thrill of walking into a room only to notice one of your favorite items is broken.  You glance around the room and observe your children, each one oblivious to the broken item and quietly playing on their own.  The silence is interrupted as you calmly ask, “Can someone tell me what happened?”  Almost in unison, they all point across the room to each other and say “not me.”  It takes some investigation and insight into each child’s personality before you finally figure out the sequence of events that led to the item breaking.  And if you are a lucky parent, you won’t have to wonder what happened to the Krazy Glue® when you go to fix the broken item!

How many of us experience the same scenario with our machine systems?  When a shutdown occurs, each controller and device with some method of communication gives what seems like a purely logical description, but in the end, it takes a while to figure out the real cause of the shutdown.  After all, understanding the real cause of the shutdown is useful in reducing the same occurrence from happening again in the future.

When using Omron’s Machine Automation Controller (NJ and NX series), you can set up the Programmable Safety System and Programmable Logic Controller so they no longer have a way to point back to each other and declare “not me.”   Instead, it will detect the state of the Safe Torque Off and give you the signal to know the root cause of the shut down quickly and efficiently. Omron-Safety-Torque-off-MX2-G5-Servo-Sysmac-Studio.jpg

To learn how Safe Torque Off (STO) is an option for the MX2 inverter and G5 servo when used with Omron’s machine automation controller, contact your nearest Omron Authorized Distributor




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