Industrial Automation

Industrial Automation

Large Automotive Manufacturer Dramatically Improves Predictive Maintenance by Switching to Omron Power Supply

An automotive plant in the Midwest that manufacturers SUVs was experiencing unexpected power supply failures in the plastic forming department. This issue was in turn causing unplanned equipment downtime that significantly impacted the production of vehicles being assembled at the plant.

The automotive plant learned about Omron’s strong predictive maintenance offering through the Omron Strategic Account Team. Not wanting to take the chance of having the line shut down again due to a power supply failure, the plant did a thorough analysis of all options and selected Omron based on the quality of its S8VS-A Series switch mode power supply (an older technology now replaced by the S8VK-X).

The plant’s team also placed great value on the option to see how the power supply is functioning from a remote location and to make changes remotely without needing to open up the panel. Both of these capabilities are offered by Omron’s predictive maintenance solutions and are known to be a great time-saver from a productivity standpoint.

Business need

An automotive customer was experiencing unexpected power supply failures in its plastic forming department, which in turn caused equipment downtime that significantly impacted vehicle production.

Unique solution

The customer replaced its power supply with the Omron S8VK-X, which provides 24/7 remote monitoring of power supply health via EtherNet/IP to help identify abnormal DC circuit issues.

Customer benefits

The problems with unplanned equipment stoppages have been resolved, and the customer now has peace of mind thanks to remote power supply monitoring and the ability to respond to issues more quickly.




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