Industrial Automation

Industrial Automation

Manufacturer of Plastic Containers Achieves Major Boost in Flexibility and Customer Satisfaction with Omron TM Collaborative Robot

A strong robotics portfolio and the ability to provide an end-to-end solution gave Omron an edge.

Schoeneck Containers, Inc. (SCI), a family-owned, family-operated company based in Wisconsin that manufactures plastic containers for diverse consumer and commercial markets throughout the world, began considering a collaborative robotic solution to keep up with production demands in the face of a severe labor shortage. This solution would involve robotic technologies working alongside employees to augment the capabilities of SCI’s team.

Read our success story to discover how a comprehensive solution featuring Omron’s collaborative robot dramatically improved the company’s prospects with the help of a Wisconsin industrial equipment distributor and system integrator named Sure Controls.

Want to see the solution in action? Watch our quick video of this project!

See for yourself how Omron’s end-to-end solution keeps operations running smoothly while making production tasks more manageable for SCI’s team.

“We’ve been working with Sure Controls for some time on other integration automation projects. They became a rep of Omron TM Collaborative robot. We did a little extra research on our end and found that there are a lot of added benefits to this robot” Josh Kouba, VP of engineering, SCI.

Customer Need

SCI, a manufacturer of plastic containers for diverse consumer and commercial markets, was seeking a collaborative robotic solution to overcome the pressures it was facing due to skilled labor shortages throughout the manufacturing industry.

Unique Omron Solution

SCI chose Omron’s TM Series collaborative robot to help it augment the capabilities of its team thanks to the technology’s powerful combination of integrated vision, 3D positioning and user-friendly programming.

Results and Benefits

SCI was able to get the robot up and running in a single day, and the team quickly saw major improvements in customer satisfaction as well as a significant boost in overall production flexibility.


Schoeneck Containers, Inc. (SCI)


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