Industrial Automation

Industrial Automation

Martini’s Single Control for Long Pasta Packaging Enabled by Omron

In the world of pasta packaging, long pasta is particularly challenging, primarily because of the complexity of dosing different pasta formats. So when Martini Packaging decided to develop a new machine with faster operational speed and greater dosing precision, it turned to Omron.

The new M08LV flowpack system takes advantage of a unified control for packaging and dosing operations through PLC-based Omron architecture, Trajexia motion controllers and brushless motors.

“The architecture proposed by Omron enabled us to use a single control system for distinct management of the logic, the motion developed for packaging (managed with interpolating brushless axes) and a second cinematic chain made up of small brushless motors for the dosing phase,” says Francesco Gusson, Chief Engineer of Martini’s Motion Control Division.

The result is a new doser that optimizes the flow of pasta and, by guaranteeing a homogenous pasta density, enables excellent precision in dosing by volume.




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