Industrial Automation

Industrial Automation

Omron Helps Medical Device Contract Manufacturer Improve Labeling Speed and Accuracy with LVS-7510 Printer-Integrated System.

A multinational medical device contract manufacturer of stents, balloons and catheters needed to be able to easily shift manufacturing lines across its multiple facilities from development to mass production. Each facility was doing the same type of work, and it was necessary to maintain precision and accuracy as demand increased. The customer is opening a new R&D facility that will function as a prototype location for building a “Golden” manufacturing line as well as a space to be used to manage temporary production increases.

The customer reached out to Omron for a solution that would help with speed and consistency in labeling across its many facilities. Label accuracy is imperative in the medical device industry, as any incorrect information can lead to fines, recalls and a reduction in consumer confidence.

 In order to comply with FDA UDI standards, all medical device manufacturers are required to format their labels in a specific way so that end users can easily identify package contents. This includes a unique device identifier (UDI) that must be issued through an FDA-accredited agency.

Business need

A multinational medical device contract manufacturer needed to improve labeling speed and accuracy as demand increased across its several facilities.

Unique solution

The customer replaced time consuming manual inspections with the LVS-7510 Series printer integrated label inspection solution from Omron.

Customer benefits

The customer was able to get the system up and running very quickly, allowing two operators who had previously been working on label inspection to focus on other tasks.




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