Industrial Automation

Industrial Automation

Omron Helps Oral Hygiene Product Manufacturer Develop Complete Robotic Solution to Improve Quality, Flexibility and Safety

TePe Oral Hygiene Products is a Swedish company founded in 1965 and located in the city of Malmö. As a leading supplier of a broad range of dental products – including toothbrushes, dental floss, implant care kits and more – as well as packaging for oral hygiene, the company is known for its commitment to high quality.

TePe produces everything in Malmö and sells its products throughout the world, reaching a total of 65 countries. Since the company wants to keep all production in Sweden while selling globally, automation is very important. In 2019, TePe decided to develop a high-speed manufacturing line to better keep up with production requirements.

The company chose Omron to develop a full robotic automation solution. TePe already used Omron’s vision equipment at other machines in the Malmö factory, and the decision to use Omron’s full automation solution was an easy choice thanks to the easy integration of the full automation platform. TePe also valued the support for flexible manufacturing and the ability to get everything from one source.

The new line includes industrial robots, mobile robots and vision systems and has contributed to significant improvements in quality, safety and efficiency. TePe is planning to use Omron’s equipment as the basis for a brand-new factory in the near future.

Business need

A Swedish manufacturer of oral hygiene products needed a new high-speed production line in order to keep up with production demands while remaining flexible enough to respond quickly to market changes.

Unique solution

Omron built a complete solution using a variety of robotic and vision technologies – with a spotlight on mobile robots – that operates 24/7 and follows programmed recipes that can be customized in a matter of seconds.

Customer benefits

Thanks to major improvements in quality, safety and efficiency, the company saw a return on investment in just 14 months and was able to achieve a level of factory flexibility that had previously been impossible.




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