Industrial Automation

Industrial Automation

Omron Solution Reduces Wiring, Enables Hassle-Free Setup By Customer

Integrating safety control into manufacturing operations can be a major challenge.

Many manufacturers find themselves calling upon the safety equipment provider or other outside help to perform the actual integration. Situations in which customers can set up the complete system of their own accord are rare, but Omron strives to make this a common experience.

We’re proud to share our latest success story in which our NX-SL5 CIP Safety Controller helped a customer optimize a manufacturing cell without needing our assistance to integrate it into his application. The customer bought an NX-SL5 CIP Safety Controller and an NX102-1020 Machine Automation Controller. Omron’s emphasis on ease of use allowed him to get the devices up and running by himself. The customer successfully integrated SQL, OPC, CIP, EtherCAT and laser marking functionality without difficulty. The resulting arrangement eliminated over 100 wires from the application.




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