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Industrial Automation

Omron Uses Vision Inspection to Maximize Label Accuracy in Canned Foods Production

In the packaging industry, it is extremely important that product containers accurately represent what is inside, as mislabeled packaging creates serious liabilities across a number of industries. Incorrectly labeled food and beverage products may result in adverse reactions due to allergies and other health issues, and the liability associated with such occurrences is immense.

In response to this need, Omron has developed a custom control solution known as the SKU Verification System. This production assembly verification system can be integrated into a number of points on a customer’s packaging line to eliminate mismatches between the actual product and its packaging description. It improves efficiency by detecting incorrect raw material and illegible SKU codes before products are packaged and shipped to retail stores.

Specifically, the system ensures that the proper containers, labels, and cases are matched to one another at all stages of the packaging process, including fillers, labelers, date code markers, cappers, and sealers, banders, wrappers and case packers. By installing the SKU Verification System, manufacturers can minimize wasted time and manpower that would otherwise be required to find and remove faulty products after they have been packaged. The solution also keeps downtime and production costs to a minimum, while the reduction in packaging errors improves product quality and helps keep consumer confidence high.

Business need

A major North American food production and distribution company was seeking a reliable solution for easily identifying the contents of each product at its canned foods plant.

Unique solution

An integrated vision system was added to the SKU Verification System solution developed by Omron to accurately and swiftly identify the contents of each canned product and minimize packaging errors.

Customer benefits

Omron’s solution improved overall product quality and production efficiency. The manufacturer can now make sure that the correct product is being run and the correct roll of labels is loaded on the labeling machine.




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