Industrial Automation

Industrial Automation

Omron’s Powerful Machine Vision Technology Helps Bottled Water Manufacturer Improve Product Quality and Boost Customer Satisfaction

A leading North American bottled water manufacturer was experiencing a variety of problems with its current inspection system that caused faulty product to pass inspection. In particular, the company was seeing issues with downstream contamination and damage to the manufacturing line due to misapplied caps.
Omron helped the manufacturer upgrade its inspection line with the FH Series vision system that provides accurate and affordable 360-degree monitoring of caps, tamper bands and fill levels. Using FH vision, the company can now be confident that its water bottles meet stringent quality standards without incurring additional costs. The entire system is backed by Omron’s exceptional 24/7 support.

This solution provides the following benefits:

  • Ensures 100% inspection of water bottles from all sides
  • Prevents bottles with misaligned caps from damaging downstream equipment
  • Strengthens brand reputation by keeping faulty bottles from being sold




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