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Industrial Automation

Prestige Packaging Builds System to Manage Complex Serialized Production Line

How did a contract manufacturer supply 1,000,000 serialized packages for multiple pharmaceutical customers with varying standards and procedure … within a network of multiple production sites, contract manufacturers, re-packers and other service providers … all according to the expected EU regulations to centrally register all the unique codes.

Applying a serialized code within the production line seems like a relatively easy task, especially since various commercial solutions are available in the market. However, with the need to register these codes within a central server, a new challenge arises for pharmaceutical companies: to set up an additional, secure and error-free data handling and communication process.

When Hans-Peter Supik evaluated existing serialization solutions just over a year ago, he quickly realized that these would not fulfill all his requirements and would not be flexible enough in the current environment. “We then looked in our local network and contacted REA Printing, whom we knew to be very knowledgeable in printing serialized codes. REA recommended the Omron inspection solution as the most flexible and easiest to integrate,” said Hans-Peter Supik. “Today with the experience of over 1 million packages serialized, I am very happy with my choice.”

And with a network of production sites, contract manufacturers, re-packers and other service manufacturers, the intra-network communication may become a hugely formidable additional challenge, especially in a market environment where no standards are defined and frequent changes and updates are expected.

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“We needed the flexibility to make changeovers in 5 minutes.” Hans-Peter Supik, Managing Director, Prestige Packaging adnd Prestige Promotion


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