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Ionizer (Digital Bar Type)


The highest level of ionization in its class.


Model ZJ-BAS050 ZJ-BAS058 ZJ-BAS074 ZJ-BAS090 ZJ-BAS130 ZJ-BAS154
Ionizer length (mm) 370 450 610 770 1,170 1,410
Effective ionization
length (mm) *1
500 580 740 900 1,300 1,540
Power supply voltage 24 VDC ±10%, ripple (p-p) 10% max.
Current consumption 520 mA max. (discharge frequency 0.08 to 0.5 Hz: 400 mA (typical), 1 to 10 Hz: 350 mA
(typical), 20 to 40 Hz: 300 mA (typical))
Discharge method Sensing and a Variable-AC System
Discharge voltage 6.5 kV P-P
Discharge electrode Tungsten electrode
installation distance
50 to 2,000 mm
Ion balance *2 ±30 V max.
Power supply connector Modular type, 8-pin connector (at both ends of Unit)
Air inlet 6-dia one-touch coupling (at both ends of Unit)
Maximum air pressure 0.3 MPa max.
Input Discharge stop input (Turns ON at 12 to 24 VDC), input impedance: 8.2 kΩ
Output Discharge stop output, cleaning output, alarm output, high-pressure error output:
Signal output from photo MOS relay (100 mA max at 24 VDC)
Display Seven-segment LED display
ID number 001 to 050
Ion balance adjustment
Maximum number of
linkable units
7 Units
Material Ionizer: ABS-resin, facing electrodes: Stainless steel
Ambient temperature
Operating: 10 to 40°C, Storage: 0 to 40°C (with no icing or condensation)
Ambient humidity range Operating: 35% to 65%, Storage: 35% to 85% (with no condensation)
Weight (Ionizer only) Approx.
0.58 kg
0.64 kg
0.8 kg
0.94 kg
1.28 kg
1.5 kg
Accessories Two mounting brackets, two M4 screws, instruction manual Two mounting brackets,
two M4 screws,
1 medium bracket,
instruction manual

*1. Measurement conditions
       Installation distance: 50 mm
       Airflow: 1 L /min per hole
       Frequency: 10 Hz
       Charge plate monitor: 150 × 150 mm, 20 pF
       Ionization time: (1,000 V→100V/-1,000V→-100V): 1 s max.)
*2. Measurement conditions
       Installation distance: 300 mm
       Airflow: 1 L /min per hole
       Frequency: 10 Hz
       Charge plate monitor: 150 × 150 mm, 20 pF

AC Adaptor

Model ZJ-BAS-PS01
Input voltage 100 to 240 VAC
Input current 1.2 A max.
Output voltage 24 VDC
Output current 3.75 A max.
Number of output ports 2 ports
Product configuration Adapter box, AC adapter
AC power cable
Weight (without package) Adapter box: Approx. 30 g
AC Adapter: Approx. 475 g
AC power supply cable: Approx. 260 g

Special Remote Control

Model ZJ-BAS-R01 ZJ-BAS-R02
Product configuration Remote Control only Receiver Cable (150 mm)
Brackets (not including Remote Control)
Communications method Infrared communications
Number of detectable Units 50 Units -
Power supply Three AAA batteries Supplied from the ZJ-BAS Ionizer
Weight (not including packaging) Approx. 115 g Receiver: Approx. 5 g
Cable: Approx. 6 g
Bracket: Approx. 5 g
Accessories Instruction manual