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Discontinued On Dec. 2015


Data Logger


Easy-to-use and Compact 10-Channel Logger with Internal 4 GB Flash Memory

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Easy-to-use and Affordable, Yet Capable of 10 ms Sampling Speeds!

Meeting Versatile Requirements

10 Isolated Channels + Multi-Input (First in its class)

Though the unit is light and compact, each channel is supplied with its own isolated circuit giving zero inter-channel noise interference. A delta-sigma A/D converter boosts anti-noise performance as well. With inputs not only for temperature but also voltage, humidity, pulse, and logic, this model is suitable for any field.

ZR-RX25 Features 4

* Switches between logic and pulse

Full Array of Features

10 ms High-Speed Sampling (Fastest in its class)

Higher voltage measurement sampling speeds achieved.
Data can be captured at intervals as short as 10 ms.

ZR-RX25 Features 7

* Sampling speed for temperature is equivalent to that of voltage, as it is scaled to 0-1 V.

Secure Ring Memory Capture

This function overwrites unneeded past data so that only recent data is saved to the internal memory or USB flash drive device at all times.
It conveniently allows the data logger to be set up and continually capturing data, and also prevents data capture failure when trouble occurs.

Internal Large-Capacity 4 GB Flash Memory (Max. in its class)

The unit features a 4 GB internal flash memory. Long-term data capture is possible without a USB flash drive. With flash memory, data will not be lost even if power is turned off. Of course, direct data capture to a USB flash drive is also possible, and data will be stored even if the USB flash drive is replaced while measurement is in progress.

* Please use a USB flash drive without security function

Potential recording time (with 10 analog channels)

ZR-RX25 Features 10

*1: Number of channels that can be added is limited: at 10 ms, 1 channel; at 50 ms, 5 channels.
*2: Please use a USB flash drive without security function.

PC Compatibility

Handy PC linkup via USB connection

The logger is equipped with a USB flash drive for direct data capture. With PC connection, data in the USB flash drive can be displayed in Excel format. Connection to a PC is easy with a USB cable, and logger settings can be determined and data transferred in real time using special PC software. PC connection also allows the logger to be used as a USB flash drive.

ZR-RX25 Features 12