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Smart Measurement and Monitor Units


First in the Industry! Unit structure that enables Power and Earth Leakage Monitoring with just one Unit. Use just one Unit to implement multi-circuit measurements.

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Product Format Product Description CAD Download
KE1-DRT-FLK DeviceNet Communication Unit 2D / 3D
KE1-PGR1C-FLK Power / Leak Monitoring Unit 2D / 3D
KE1-PVS1C-FLK Power / Instantaneous Voltage Drop Monitoring Unit 2D / 3D
KE1-VAU1B-FLK Current / Voltage Monitoring Unit 2D / 3D
KE1-VSU1B-FLK Instantaneous Voltage Drop Monitoring Unit 2D / 3D
KE1-CTD8E CT Expansion Unit 2D / 3D
KE1-ZCT8E ZCT Expansion Unit 2D / 3D
KM1-EMU8A-FLK Pulse / Thermometers Inputs Unit 2D / 3D
KM20-CTB-5A/50A Through Type Current Transformer , 5A / 50A 2D
KM20-CTF-5A Special Current Transformer , 5A 2D
KM20-CTF-50A Special Current Transformer , 50A 2D
KM20-CTF-100A Special Current Transformer , 100A 2D
KM20-CTF-200A Special Current Transformer , 200A 2D
KM20-CTF-400A Special Current Transformer , 400A 2D
KM20-CTF-600A Special Current Transformer , 600A 2D
K3SC-10 Communication-Convertor , RS-232C/USB to RS-422/485 2D / 3D
K6ER-CN22 Current Transformer , Rated Current 2A 2D / 3D
OTG-L21 Current Transformer , Rated Current 50 A , Through-Hole 21 mm Dia. , 2D
OTG-L30 Current Transformer , Rated Current 100 A , Through-Hole 30 mm Dia. , 2D
PFP-100N Supporting Rail , 1000mm 2D / 3D
PFP-50N Supporting Rail , 500mm 2D / 3D
PFP-M End Plate 2D / 3D