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NJ501-1[]20 / NJ101-[][]20

NJ-series Database Connection CPU Units

NJ501-1[]20 / NJ101-[][]20

The NJ-series Machine Automation Controller supports the Database Connection function. Machine data can be quickly stored in a database by connecting the Controller directly to the database.

Productivity Improvement

Visualized quality and productivity

Operating status can be displayed in real time using familiar software such as Microsoft® Excel.

Easily leveraging big data

The CPU Unit can directly access databases without a separate computer.
Function Blocks allow PLC engineers to smoothly introduce the CPU Unit.

NJ501-1[]20 / NJ101-[][]20 Features 3

New entry model NJ101 with database connection

The database connection model is available to the NJ101 that is ideal for machines with or without a low number of axes.
Real-time data collected from various machines and production lines helps improve the quality and productivity.

Supported database

・Microsoft SQL server
・Oracle Database

Predictive Maintenance

Fast data collection

Data is sampled every millisecond and written to the database.
Machine behavior can be monitored more accurately.

NJ501-1[]20 / NJ101-[][]20 Features 7

Quality Traceability

Manufacturing traceability

Data, such as production conditions, production results, and inspection results, can be managed at the individual product level.

Saving data and images together

The process data is linked to inspection images and saved together with the images.
This improves the level of quality management.

NJ501-1[]20 / NJ101-[][]20 Features 10

Application: Increased productivity by 30%

NJ501-1[]20 / NJ101-[][]20 Features 11

The logs, which are collected from devices on a production line and linked with each product, are consolidated into the database.
Visualization of the entire process leads to effective improvements, boosting productivity by 30% a year.
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