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NX-Series NX701 CPU Units


Ideal for large-scale, fast, and highly-accurate control with up to 256 axes.

[Motion control] Goes beyond machine control concepts

More sophisticated machines are required for smart manufacturing and collaboration between humans and machines. The new Machine Automation Controller is designed to meet extreme machine control requirements in terms of motion control speed and accuracy, which will help further reduce machine cycle time and improve machine accuracy.

Basic instructions 0.37 ns 【Industry's fastest】
Motion control 125 μs/8 axes 【Industry's fastest】

Architecture based on Intel® CoreTM i7 processor significantly speeds up the execution of instructions (basic instructions 0.37 ns, math instructions for Long Real Data 3.2 ns). Command values to send to servomotors and stepper motors can be up updated as fast as every 125 μs. This enables smooth cam motion and high-precision interpolation and phase adjustment between axes.

NX701-[][][][] Features 3

Complete integration of motion and logic

One controller integrates logic, motion, vision and information for complete control and management of machines. Position, displacement, and tension information collected from sensors can be quickly and easily fed back to the motion control.

NX701-[][][][] Features 4

Accurate feedback control with less than 1 μs jitter

The NJ/NX controller offers synchronous control of all machine devices, from input through to output. Distributed clock-based clock synchronization incorporated into EtherCAT slaves enables the I/O refresh cycle to be synchronized between units such as the FH Vision System, ZW Displacement Sensor, NX I/O, and G5/1S Servo Drive.

NX701-[][][][] Features 5

Simlicity for advanced applications

The Sysmac Library is a collection of software functional components that is packed with rich technical know-how on control programs: Rotary knife to cut a film at the marked position and vibration suppression for material handling. This helps create high-performance machines quickly and easily.

NX701-[][][][] Features 6

[Large data processing] Controllers quickly and securely collect big data at production sites

Manufacturers who pursue high value-added manufacturing, quality, and stable operation require production data collection, visualization, and analysis.
Featuring a large memory capacity, fast communications functionality, and secure connectivity, the NJ/NX Controller brings information technology to manufacturing sites.

Memory capacity 260 MB 【Largest in class】

Thanks to its large 260 MB memory, the NX7 has sufficient capacity to store increasing recipe data for changeovers and collect large amounts of inspection results and trace data for productivity and quality improvements.

NX701-[][][][] Features 9

Ethernet 1Gbps x2 【Industry's fastest】

The NX7 provides two 1 Gbps Ethernet ports and FTP capability to send and receive a large amount of data from/to the host device. The built-in EtherNet/IP port can be used for tag data links or CIP message communications at up to 40,000 pps.

NX701-[][][][] Features 11

Parallel processing using multi-core processor

The Intel® CoreTM i7 quad-core processor allows high-speed large data communications and processing in parallel with machine control, without compromising machine performance. It is also possible to add data processing in order to improve production processes.

Fast machine data storage in database

The controller connects directly to a database without the need for a gateway. The special instructions allow easy access to the database. Real-time data collection enables productivity improvement, predictive maintenance, and quality traceability.

NX701-[][][][] Features 15

Note. Based on Omron investigation in March 2015.

Large scale
Powerful enough to control large production line

Controlling up to 256 synchronized axes, the NX7 simplifies building a large production line.

Up to 256 synchronized axes

The high-performance NX7 offers synchronous control of all devices on a production line, which previously required multiple controllers. This eliminates the need to implement the synchronization between controllers.

Performance improvement

One controller means that interlocks and synchronization between controllers are not required, which will result in an increase in performance of the production line.

Simple connection of up to 512 nodes

Up to 512 nodes can be daisy-chained over the EtherCAT network, which helps reduce production line set-up times.

NX701-[][][][] Features 23

[Preventive maintenance] Integrated system for stable operation

Logic, motion, and networking as well as vision, information, safety, and visualization are fully integrated within the Sysmac automation platform. These integrated devices are combined to provide functionality to ensure stable operation of machines and production lines.

Preventive maintenance of EtherCAT sensor

Monitoring the sensor status allows you to maintain before sensors malfunction due to dirt or aged deterioration.* The sensor settings can be saved and loaded, which minimizes downtime when troubles occur.

NX701-[][][][] Features 25

Preventive maintenance of actuator devices

The NJ/NX controller that integrates EtherCAT and motion control can constantly monitor actuator devices with a fast cycle time.

NX701-[][][][] Features 26

* When combining the NJ/NX controller with the E3NW EtherCAT Sensor communications unit and creating the programmable terminal screens.
The sample program for Omron NS/NA Programmable Terminal is available. Contact your Omron sales representative for details.