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F03-16PE / 16PT / 15 / 16PS

Sensing Band/Liquid Leakage Point Sensor

F03-16PE / 16PT / 15 / 16PS

A New Liquid Leakage Point Sensor Has Been Added to the K7L Series. Fluoroplastic Coating on the Bottom Electrode Ensures Chemical Resistance.


Global Edition

For ordering in India, please note some product models not sold in India may be included in the following catalog(s) for our global customers.

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Catalog Name Catalog Number
Last Update
F03-15 Data Sheet -
Oct 25, 2013
F03-15 Data Sheet
F03-16PE Data Sheet -
Mar 01, 2016
F03-16PE Data Sheet
F03-16PS Data Sheet -
Dec 01, 2016
F03-16PS Data Sheet
F03-16PT Data Sheet -
Jun 30, 2014
F03-16PT Data Sheet