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OMRON Asia Pacific Corporate Information

"At work for a better life, a better world for all"
In this era of globalization and vast technological change, Omron is reaffirming its dedication to offering added value to customers by developing innovative products and services. Omron intelligent components will be the building blocks for new consumer and industrial products. Control products, systems technologies and software will form the heart of flexible, networked manufacturing lines and automation systems.


OMRON Asia Pacific

Global Network

To meet customer demand, 'what they want, when they want it', Omron has established a global network and a closely linked service system covering our operating regions of Japan, North America, Europe, Greater China, and Asia Pacific. Omron provides fast and efficient support to its business partners worldwide through its comprehensive support system, from development to production, distribution and maintenance.
Over a quarter of a century ago Omron founded its Asia Pacific operations in Singapore to meet the needs of the region's rapidly expanding industrial markets. Operations that initially marketed products for Omron's Industrial Business Group has expanded to also represent the company's Electronic Components and Healthcare Division.
Today Omron Asia Pacific consists of over 2,500 employees in sales, manufacturing, technical support and research and development activities. The regional headquarters located in Singapore manages and supports activities in the region.
Omron Automation India is expanding rapidly with offices operating in the main region in India, namely Gurgaon, Mumbai and Bangalore. Each centre is dedicated to provide unrivalled automation products and customized expert solutions for all industries.

Supporting Your Needs

Omron sales offices in Australia, Indonesia, Malaysia, New Zealand, Singapore, India and Thailand, as well as representative offices in Vietnam and Philippines provide customers with comprehensive service and support.
Strategically located throughout the region, these offices enable the company to quickly and efficiently meet customer needs by providing application support for created sophisticated automation systems, training on how to use Omron products to their full potential, and after sales service.
A major factor in Omron's rapid progress is that company personnel throughout the world adhere strongly to a basic policy of "Quality First".
In recent years, we have been concentrating on the solutions business, which solves management problems on diverse production sites. Centering on the themes of quality, safety and the environment, we support manufacturing innovation worldwide with our unique sensing and control technologies.

Sensing and Control Components

As a leading supplier of control equipment for the manufacturing industry, Omron Asia Pacific's Industrial Business Group provides a wide spectrum of equipment ranging from factory automation (FA) controllers to sensors, switches, relays and safety equipment that meet some 100,000 specifications and support innovation in 'monozukuri' (the art of product creation) and productivity improvement in all types of production operations.
Omron products can be found in both consumer products and commercial applications. Omron relays and switches play an important role in the operation of household appliances, automobiles and machinery. Temperature control devices ensure the efficiency of heating and air-conditioning devices as well as monitor annealing ovens on manufacturing lines. Sensors and programmable controllers automate control on manufacturing lines. For all these products, Omron works with customers to create effective, cost-efficient solutions.
Innovation is a key operational function at Omron

Advanced Automation Solutions

The Industrial Business Group uniquely combines its full range of control components with the application know how and support necessary to build and maintain sophisticated automation systems. In manufacturing, benefits span all facets of the production process, including inventory and production control, communication networks, discrete manufacturing, quality control and integration, plant wide management and distributed information and control systems. From advanced products like machine vision systems to innovative fuzzy logic based temperature control, Omron supplies a wealth of technology and experience to factories in the Asia Pacific region and throughout the world.
Omron is also dedicated to meeting automation needs outside the manufacturing industry. In fields such as building control, waste management and automated baggage distribution in airports, Omron works closely with customers to create advanced automation systems.

Contributing to Society

As reflected in its corporate motto, "At work for a better life, a better world for all," Omron strongly believes that in order to be a truly successful company, it must also be a responsible citizen in the local communities where it does business. The company works to achieve this in two ways - first by offering innovative products and services that improve the quality of living and second by making direct contributions to society through volunteer activities and donations. As a result, offices in the Asia Pacific region and around the world are dedicated to taking an active role in their local communities.

Achieving ISO14001 Certification

Recognizing that achieving ISO 14001 certification is a passport to becoming a global and "green" corporation, OMRON sees the certification as a manifestation of its environmental management attitude toward promoting continuous reductions in environmental burden. To-date, ISO 14001 certification has been achieved at all of OMRON's 30 manufacturing sites.

Omron Environmental Management

In response to the Restriction of Hazardous Substances (RoHS) directive, the Omron Group constantly works toward reducing the burden on the environment through its relentless environmental protection efforts as a "good corporate citizen". Our aim is to be a leading 21st century company that brings harmony between "ecology" and "economy". This translates into an effective effort in the long-term maximization of corporate value and the promotion of a sustainable society that constantly recycles.