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Discontinued On Mar. 2015

K8AB Series

Measuring and Monitoring Relays

K8AB Series

Eight slim models featuring a variety of innovative new functions

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Slim 22.5-mm Design Features
Two SPDT Relay Outputs
(K8AB-VW, K8AB-PM, and K8AB-PW)

Provides individual over voltage and under voltage settings and outputs.
[1-/3-phase Power Supply]

Many customers require the individual upper and lower limit outputs that are normally available only in larger 45-mm relays. For the first time from any manufacturer, OMRON has achieved this and more in a slim-body design measuring just 22.5 mm. These relays not only offer advantages such as 3-phase power supply compatibility and a resistive load contact capacity of 6 A at 250 VAC, but they also reduce panel production cost because they use 50% less space than previous models.
Note: The relay output capacity for the K8AB-TH is 3 A at 250 VAC (resistive load).

K8AB Series Features 2

Pre-alarm Monitoring Mode
Provides Advanced Warning
(K8AB-VW Only)

In plants and other sites that operate 365 days a year, unexpected shutdowns must be kept to an absolute minimum. OMRON addresses this problem with the K8AB-VW featuring a pre-alarm monitoring mode that can be set to two levels for two outputs. K8ABVW makes scheduled maintenance possible because the pre-alarm monitoring mode provides advance warning of impending trip alarms.

K8AB Series Features 3

Expanded Setting Range Ensures Over Voltage and Under Voltage Monitoring Flexibility

Over voltage and under voltage can be set for the full span of the allowable input range, so over voltage and under voltage can now be monitored with flexibility.
Note: The setting range for operation time can be set within −30% to +25% of the range selected using the DIP switch on the Unit.
Example: K8AB-PW 3-phase Voltage Relay

K8AB Series Features 4

Usable as a Simple Sensor Controller

Accepts inputs of 4 to 20 mA or 0 to 10 V.

Compatible with Commercial CTs

The K8AB-AS 1-Phase Current Relay can be used with commercial CTs for current measurement.

K8AB Series Features 7

Note: OMRON-compatible CT: K8AC-CT200L Only the K8AB-AS3 can be used for AC operation at both 100 and 200 A.

DIP Switch Function Selection

Various relay functions can be selected using a DIP switch. This means that the number of models required can be reduced to 1/8 what it had been simply by installing a relay like the K8AB-AS. An added advantage is that it reduces the inventory of maintenance parts.

K8AB Series Features 8

Single K8AB Monitors 3-phase Power Supply with 3 or 4 Wires
(K8AB-PM, K8AB-PA, and K8AB-PW)

OMRON Low-voltage Monitoring Relays can be used to monitor 3-phase power supplies with 3 or 4 wires simply by changing DIP switch settings.

K8AB Series Features 9
K8AB Series Features 10

Operation Level Indication by Flashing Alarm Indicator

Checking the operating status has never been convenient because of the time it takes to reach the preset operation time. The K8AB eliminates this problem by featuring a flashing alarm indicator that clearly indicates the operating status. This has greatly simplified the task of checking on-site status particularly when operation settings are changed or an error occurs.
Note: Excluding the K8AB-PH and K8AB-TH.

K8AB Series Features 11

Ideal for Monitoring Current or Voltage

Current Monitoring Applications (Single Phase)

K8AB-AS2 can use standardized CT!!

K8AB Series Features 14

Note: Special CT model: OMRON K8AC-CT200L

Voltage Monitoring Applications (Single Phase)

K8AB Series Features 15

Wire Connection

2 × 2.5 mm² solid or 2 × 1.5 mm² standard ferrules.

Compliance with International Standards

A third party has certified CE mark compliance. This device is in compliance with UL certification requirements.