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Digital Temperature Controller (22.5 mm Wide, and DIN Track-mounting Type)


The E5DC Mounts to DIN Track and Is Ideal for Connections to HMIs and PLCs. It provides the Same Easy Operation and Advanced Performance as the Rest of the E5[]C Series.

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Product Format Product Description CAD Download
E5DC Temperature Controller , W22.5xL96mm , DIN Rail Mounting Bracket Type 2D / 3D
E54-CT1 Current Transformer (CT) 5.8 Dia. 2D / 3D
E54-CT3 Current Transformer (CT) 12.0 Dia. 2D
Y92F-53 Mounting Adapter 2D / 3D
Y92S-P11 Short bar 2D / 3D
PFP-100N Supporting Rail , 1000mm 2D / 3D
PFP-50N Supporting Rail , 500mm 2D / 3D
PFP-M End Plate 2D / 3D
PFP-S Spacer 2D / 3D