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G6D-F4B / G3DZ-F4B

Terminal Relay

G6D-F4B / G3DZ-F4B

Easy-to-use, Space-saving Terminal Relay with Four-point Output

• Almost the same size as PYF Socket: 31 x 35 x 68 mm (W x H x D)

• Each terminal circuit (with coil or contact) is independent from one another.

• Short Bar ensures easy connection of common and adjacent terminals.

• Provided with a terminal cover that prevents electric-shock accidents.

• Relay and MOS FET relay models are available.

• LED operation indicator.

• Built-in diode absorbs coil surge.

• Mounts either on DIN track or screws.

• Tool for easy mounting or removal of Relays provided.

• UL, CSA, and VDE certification for standard models (VDE: G6D-F4B only).